EFA Personal is the information provider?s personal customer service.

EFA Personal tasks

Simplify entry on the Internet and on mobile terminals by

  • Storing personal locations and personal journeys
  • Storing historical locations and historical journeys
  • Storing options that the user wishes to activate as standard

The customer defines his/her personal profile:

  • Personal locations and personal journeys
  • Personal options
  • How he/she can be contacted

This information is stored in a database.

Logging onto the Web site

If a user wishes to define personal preferences that are to apply as standard when inquiries are made, "Options" can be pre-set.

Personal options

Personal points and personal trips can be defined

The personal points and trips that are stored simplify dialogue, particularly in mobile applications such as WAP, SMS, PDA etc.

Previous inquiries

about departures from a stop

are redisplayed


In conjunction with the personal options that have been defined, personal points and trips represent the customer's personal profile.

The customer can now use the timetable information, the personal timetable and the departure monitor together with his/her personal profiles.

EFA Personal also stores other user requests, even if no personal points or trips are being used. These recent points and recent trips are also available to the user for selection.

Recent trips to be selected

List of recent trips


EFA Personal notes what the customer wanted, and automatically transmits new information as soon as timetable changes occur that affect the customer information.

Timetable information with personal locations

Defined personal points can be requested using a new menu in EFA.

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