Incident Capturing

With the mdv Incident Capturing System (mdv Content Management) additional information can be included to the Intermodal Journey Planner (EFA).

  • Output of information together with the trip result
  • Incidents can be considered in the routing
  • General, line-, route section- and stop-messages can be included to mobile channels WAP and SMS
  • Short noticed messages can be captured and forwarded to the EFA (no EFA data build is required)

With the Incident Capturing Systems additional information can be posted to third party systems via defined interfaces (e.g. TPEG, A SIRI communication schema is supported for incidents.

Output of Additional Information

ICS information in the EFA

In the ICS line-, stop- and route section-related messages can be captured. In below example from London ( a line related infomation message is provided:

Additional line information


ICS information in an interactive map

Incidents can be highlighted in an interactive map. Any schematic network map can be used for this purpose. The incident information is provided for the affected line(s). Not affected lines are held in the background in a grey colour. Line-, stop- and route section-related information can be displayed. In below example from London ( an interactive map with real-time information is given.

Interactive map with real-time information

A zooming functionality allows enlarging the map at certain tiles

Details for messages are displayed


ICS information in lists

Information which is captured in the ICS can be displayed in lists. With this expired information can be displayed. The lists can be filtered according to modes of transport or localities. In below example a filtered list of additional information from London ( is given.

List of additional information


Different text boxes in ICS allow capturing different incident details for one message. This is required as different output channels (e.g. web or wap) need different text lengths. The details in a web browser should be more detailed as in a wap browser. In below example details are given for a London Underground incident in the web.

Details for a London incident


Capturing of Additional Information

The Incident Capturing System (ICS) allows capturing line-, stop- and route section-related information via a web interface. For the capturing process user rights can be assigned, so users are allowed to access only certain functionality.

Web interface


An incident contains a message scope (publication) and an incident scope (validity). Additionally incident details, affected lines, stops/stations, route sections (or a combination of these) and the output channels have to be defined.

Detailed incident message

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