Computing free travel for schoolchildren and trainees

Pupils and trainees in Styria can travel to and from their school or place of work free of charge. Pupil and trainee passes are issued by one of the transport companies that handle the route to and from the school / place of work.

mdv has developed the IJP SLF (Computing free travel for pupils and trainees) system module for creating and billing for the free travel passes, and the system has been piloted by the Styrian Travel Authority since the start of the school year in September. Since 2003 the system is used throughout the Styrian Travel Authority area.

IJP SLF has the following features:

  • The system is internet-based. This makes it possible for all participants (companies, pupils etc.) to have low-cost, rapid access without having to procure special hardware and software.
  • The information about stops, routes and tariff zones is based on the DIVA timetable system.
  • The permitted tariff zones and routes are determined by the IJP electronic timetable and the relevant tariff module.
  • The information about schools, training companies, pupils and free travel passes for pupils is managed in a database.
  • Additional functions such as the issue of replacement passes, deletion, validity date modifications, route modifications and additional price payments for converting the free travel pass into a network ticket are integrated in the system.
  • All transactions are stored in a database. The Ministry is billed directly from the database.


See also " Styrian Travel Authority Pioneers Free Travel Pass System for Pupils and Trainees with IJP " in mdv news I-2003 and "IJP SLF is a major success with the Vorarlberg Travel Authority" in mdv news III-2003

The most frequently used service is the journey planner. The origin and the destination (stop, address, important location) and the required departure and arrival times are entered into a form.Additional parameters can also be specified such as number of transfers or type of transport so that the information meets the user's specific needs.

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